Raiding Team: Leavatinn; NestorV; Warfa; RainGun; Haru Phoenix; Nefarpit; Apriltea; Raijiang; Zeruska; Anexeze; AsuraSword; Pandarama

I'd like to extend my warmest congratulations to our Rank 15 Blade & Soul clan on Jinsoyun (EU) for their first successful full VT clear! The sound leadership, organisational skills and guidance of B&S clan leader Leavatinn and his Raid Leaders, coupled with the outstanding effort and perseverance of the Raid Team, means the Hive Queen is no more! You can check out the fight courtesy of Nefarpit HERE. Cred to Apriltea for the SS. Well done, guys. I wish you similar success in the raids to come. ~ Yoshemaru

Our Rank 15 Blade & Soul clan on Jinsoyun (EU) is still going strong and focused on raiding and helping members gear up. We currently have three Skybreak Spire groups, and one VT group that is raiding twice a week. Recruitment is open to active, dedicated, 850+ AP players (preferably WL / SIN / KFM). For more info, whisper Leavatinn in-game, or message Leavatinn / Yoshemaru on Discord.

Our Destiny 2 PS4 clan "Grimm Wolves" is recruiting chilled, friendly, active players. Power Level 290+ is preferred, however, new players are welcome. Weekly Nightfalls cleared, currently busy with the Leviathan Raid . For more info, contact Unsane_ZA in-game.

Our Fortnite team is currently seeking active, friendly 50-60+ players to join them for PVE-focused gameplay. For more info, contact immensityoak in-game, or message Toki on Discord.

Revelation Online's Open BETA is Now Live! Grim Wolves is recruiting relaxed, friendly, active team-players to join our gaming family on MOONSEA (EU)! To join the clan, achieve Level 20, open the guild interface (CTRL+G), "Join Guild", Search for "GrimWolves", and apply. You will automatically be accepted. If you experience difficulty, whisper Yoshemaru / NagisaShindou / Leif / Daydreamerkitty / Skylord for assistance, or pop onto Discord.

Revelation Online's Early Access is now live, and recruitment is now open to mature (18+), active, helpful, sociable, team players, who enjoy getting to know / having a laugh with their guild mates. Alts (i.e. your Main is in another guild) or players who're merely dabbling in Revelation (i.e. rarely log on because they're playing other MMOs) need not apply. For more info, PM me HERE, whisper Yoshemaru in-game on Moonsea (EU); or apply HERE! 

Blade & Soul

Thus far, 2016 has been both busy and productive! Our Blade & Soul clan on Windrest (EU) is Rank 15, still going strong, and eagerly awaiting 'Shadows of the Innocents' which arrives July 20th, 2016. We currently have up to three groups running Daily Challenge and purple dungeons, and will henceforth be recruiting 550+ AP players. If you're just starting out, but would still like to join us, you're welcome to join our 'academy' clan <Dire Wolves> until you are L50. For more info, whisper CorpsicleYoshemaru, RainqtWulf, Vigii in-game, or message BlackSwan