Raiding Team: Leavatinn; NestorV; Warfa; RainGun; Haru Phoenix; Nefarpit; Apriltea; Raijiang; Zeruska; Anexeze; AsuraSword; Pandarama

I'd like to extend my warmest congratulations to our Rank 15 Blade & Soul clan on Jinsoyun (EU) for their first successful full VT clear! The sound leadership, organisational skills and guidance of B&S clan leader Leavatinn and his Raid Leaders, coupled with the outstanding effort and perseverance of the Raid Team, means the Hive Queen is no more! You can check out the fight courtesy of Nefarpit HERE. Cred to Apriltea for the SS. Well done, guys. I wish you similar success in the raids to come. ~ Yoshemaru